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Hotels 💕

2 Jun

Bess: When can we go to a hotel again?

Momma: Why do you want to go to a hotel? What do you like so much about them?

Bess: The Bed.

Townes: That we all get to be together.

HPM Mother’s Day Tea

11 May

A Close-Up Visit from Our Hawk

26 Feb

Purple Swing

2 Feb

By the time I’m 100…

1 Feb

A couple of recent gems

16 Dec

Townes looking at his illustrated bible with other kids, “that’s Jesus celebrating kwanza.”

Townes: “Mom do you know Elvis?”

Mom: “of course, he’s a great singer!”

Townes: “no mom, the bone on your hip!”

Townes, while being rocked to sleep by the babysitter who was singing “O holy night” and “ O come o come Emmanuel…” When she finally ran out of songs to sing, Townes started singing “Love came down on Christmas” back to her just before falling asleep.

Townes: We should get Bess a blanket for Christmas. A purple one. Because at night she coughs a lot and it wakes me up.

Road trip truths

5 Sep

“I need to go pee pee really hard.”

– Bess