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To Do: NYC #3

7 Nov

#3. Watch (or better yet, participate in) the ING NYC Marathon.

47,000 people running 26.2 miles. Some setting marathon records.  Some handicapped.  Some dressed up as the Blue Brothers.  Some running for a son with cancer.  Some accompanying their aging father.  All pushing themselves farther than they have probably ever had to push themselves in their lives.  I cannot watch a marathon without crying.  Today I only walked a block to watch the focus, the smiles, the cheers, and the tears of the New York City Marathon.

The leaders (around mile 7).  The last guy in this pic ended up winning and setting a new NYC marathon record.

The long stretch of runners coming from the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn.

More Brooklyn.  And more good vibes.  A future marathoner.

The band that put so many of the smiles on the faces.

“First Frost”

29 Oct


First, we had an earthquake.  Next, we got a hurricane.  Now, we get 2-4 inches of snow in October.  Record setting.  My memory of Halloween is being too hot in my bunny costume to even continue asking for candy.  The fur was just too much.  Not this year.  I think I’ll try to pull out that old costume.



Can’t Slow Down Hurtin’ Cowgirls

23 Oct

1 Avett Brothers concert

2 colds

3 home cities

4 days

5 corn chowders and enchiladas

6 miles of hiking

7(,000) feet high

8 fresh chilis

9(0) minute massages

10 shades of margarita

Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane.

9 Oct

Top Fives from the Weekend:

5) Meatballs and a nice glass (or two) of Barbera at the Meatball Shop in the Lower East Side, especially after stalking seats at the bar for an hour.

4) Hearing Ollabelle at the fabulous Bowery Ballroom.  They have a new cd out that comes with great renditions of Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes and Swanee River.

3) Seeing 30 minutes worth of skateboarders headed down Broadway, blocking traffic through a seemingly endless chain of longboards.

2) Running the Staten Island Half Marathon (and riding the ferry and breathing that hard and earning a delicious beer and sammy at Bierkraft).

1) Having a bff in town for it all.

down in the treme.

12 Jul

A few reflections after tonight’s dinner:

1) cilantro is the key to jam’s heart.

2) spicy jalapenos and sweet mangoes are perfect compliments.  Like opposites on the color wheel.

3) always have fresh black beans and rice on hand.

4) when you buy (or pick) cilantro, you might as well have limes, avocados, and jalapenos also.

Black Bean and Mango Burritos:

1. Start with an after-work-on-a-Monday drink.  If you are preparing to move, I suggest getting through that liquor you are not going to want to pack and mixing up some bourbon and mint.

2.  You already have rice, beans, and tortillas.  So get chopping.  You’ve been watching that mango ripen for a few days.  It’s time to let that sweetness infuse those beans.

3. Keep chopping.  You just grew some beautiful peppers (bell and jalapeno) in your garden, so throw ’em in.  You have half a red onion left over?  Throw it in.

4. You are brilliant. You even remembered to pick some cilantro when you were watering your poor heat-stroked plants.  Throw it in.  It will make your special someone melt.

5.  Little olive oil.  Little lime.

6. Now for the sides.  What’s left in your fridge?  Some avocado?  Chop! Some presh volunteer or cherry tomatoes from the garden? Chop!

7.  Now, as my mother always told me: Presentation is key.  It can make a good meal look bad.  It can make a normal meal feel special  So use that Mississippi mud pottery you got from Marigold, MS.  Use it all.

8. Now, go get that special someone.  Remind ’em that there is cilantro.

9.  And don’t be offended if you ask, “Want to go eat on the roof?” and that special someone says, “hell no.”  Then remind yourself, “Right.  It was 104 degrees today.”  And be fine eating the beautifully balanced sweet mango and spicy jalapeno burrito in front of Treme.

Down the Treme

Just me and my baby

We’re all going crazy.

Just jammin’ and having fun.

– John Boutte

The Commanding B.L.T.

9 Jul

Nothing beats a BLT in the summertime.  It has become my Saturday staple after heading home from either the market or garden with beautiful red tomatoes.

Step 1: Find the prettiest and most in-season tomatoes you can.  (I like using the big ones and saving the cherries for salads, soups, and pastas).  These are courtesy of my garden.

Step 2: Toast some bread (although good ole fashioned sliced bread can be simply fabulous, I like to use a nice loaf of a crusty bread).

Step 3: Boil water for a) the mint tea and b) the tomato peeling.  This is a mother-in-law trick upon which I have come to rely in my avid BLT making.  Put your tomato in boiling water for 20 seconds then run it under cold water to cool it back off.  The skin will be easy to peel off, which will make your BLT infused with great attention to detail.

Step 4: Slice the tomato and layer on the bread.  Douse with salt and pepper.

Step 5: I am always trying to think up creative ways to use all this basil.  So I like to add a layer of the herb to my BLT.  

Step 6: Make some bacon (still can’t decide if it’s the tomatoes or the bacon that make BLTs as good as they are) and layer it on.  And don’t forget to save your bacon grease (see bacon grease container in pic).  This is also a mother-in-law suggestion as it is the secret to her delicious gumbo (amongst many other things).

Step 7: Layer some lettuce on top of the bacon.  I typically use what’s in the garden, but I am officially out, so I used some Sweet Butter from the grocery store.  I suggest trying whatever green you have at the house, as the beauty of BLTs is that they should be simple (it’s the weekend after all) and not require trips to the grocery.

Step 8: This would normally be a good time to put a schmear of mayo on the top layer of bread, but I just don’t really ever have mayo around so I skipped.

Step 9: Steep your tea bags along with some fresh mint.  After a while, add some sugar and pour over ice for the necessary mint tea that should accompany this sandwich.

The crispy bread, sweet tomato, salty bacon – it just can’t be beat.  The only thing better is when someone makes one for you.

Mud Island Water Park

7 Jul

with Patricio, navigating the life sized replica of the Mississippi River watershed.


Fourth of July – Joplin, MO

4 Jul



You say tomato, I say tomato.

30 Jun

Homemade salsa: Throw tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapenos (preferably from your garden) in the blender with some onions and lime juice.  Blend, but leave the mixture a bit chunky.  Drain out some of the excessive juice.

Bread Salad (also better with tomatoes and basil from your garden).

Oh, Mama. Can this really be the end? To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again.

11 Apr