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3 Feb

I think I just created a word.  Or perhaps, another way to summarize our generation.  Or just how I like to cook.  Or how I hope to approach my life.  There’s Romanesque, Kafkaesque, grotesque, and now Bittmanesque.  (Don’t tell Jam.  He’s already jealous of my love of Mark Bittman.)

And this book, An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, is Bittmanesque.  I am incredibly excited to buy my own copy.  Read the NY Times article here to get a taste of what it will feel like to cook using only what’s in your fridge while being free of recipe-following constraints.

Inspired by this Bittmanesque thinking, I took a long, hard look (not that long, it was slim pickin’s) at what I had in my fridge and pantry (which I thought was nothing) and came away with a delicious spinach pesto over orzo with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Very empowering.  Can’t wait to order the book and read more.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

4 Oct

Where have I been?  No big deal, I just relocated.  My true north has been a little rocked since the last week of July when Jam and I packed up our goods for NYC and I began a 2 month spree of sleeping in hotels and on air mattresses.  But now I am back.  And in one place for longer than 3 nights.  Taking it in.  Breathing in the culture in my new little Brooklyn neighborhood.  Due to the nature of my recent state of being, I haven’t done much cooking, gardening, or photographing, but I have been taking in this new culture, reading, and eating other people’s good cooking.

Some of my favorite things about NYC so far:

– the subway ride home on the Manhattan bridge as the sun is setting and casts an orange glow on the statue of liberty

– the many languages I hear in a day (that don’t just belong to visitors)

– my 5 mile run through prospect park

Recent Reads:

– Rum Diary (Hunter Thompson writes a novel about a journalist’s rum-induced adventures in Puerto Rico)

– Middlesex (author of the Virgin Suicides writes a novel about an androgenous upbringing)

– Prospect Park West (absolutely fluff about my quirky neighbors)

– Winter’s Bone (eerie, Cormac McCarthy-ish novel set in the Ozarks near the Jam’s stompin’ grounds)

– Swamplandia (heroic youngun tries to save her south florida, family-owned alligator theme park)

Favorite Food Finds (that happen to be within 3 blocks of my new home):

– Bierkraft (~20 local beers on tap to fill and refill your growler, artisan meats and cheeses creating hearty sandwiches on crusty bread)

– Wolf and Deer (beautifully designed wood/steel bar with happy hour deals on beer, wine, cheese, and charcuterie; intimate and not too loud)

– Oaxaca Taqueria (teensy hole in the wall taco shop with delicious carnitas – happy hour tacos = $2 a pop)

– Blue Sky Bakery (warm, berry-oozing muffins are fresh every morning and accompanied by a perfect cup of Jo)

– Al di la (cozy, romantic Italian food in a great room with a rustic Italian feel)