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Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

4 Oct

Where have I been?  No big deal, I just relocated.  My true north has been a little rocked since the last week of July when Jam and I packed up our goods for NYC and I began a 2 month spree of sleeping in hotels and on air mattresses.  But now I am back.  And in one place for longer than 3 nights.  Taking it in.  Breathing in the culture in my new little Brooklyn neighborhood.  Due to the nature of my recent state of being, I haven’t done much cooking, gardening, or photographing, but I have been taking in this new culture, reading, and eating other people’s good cooking.

Some of my favorite things about NYC so far:

– the subway ride home on the Manhattan bridge as the sun is setting and casts an orange glow on the statue of liberty

– the many languages I hear in a day (that don’t just belong to visitors)

– my 5 mile run through prospect park

Recent Reads:

– Rum Diary (Hunter Thompson writes a novel about a journalist’s rum-induced adventures in Puerto Rico)

– Middlesex (author of the Virgin Suicides writes a novel about an androgenous upbringing)

– Prospect Park West (absolutely fluff about my quirky neighbors)

– Winter’s Bone (eerie, Cormac McCarthy-ish novel set in the Ozarks near the Jam’s stompin’ grounds)

– Swamplandia (heroic youngun tries to save her south florida, family-owned alligator theme park)

Favorite Food Finds (that happen to be within 3 blocks of my new home):

– Bierkraft (~20 local beers on tap to fill and refill your growler, artisan meats and cheeses creating hearty sandwiches on crusty bread)

– Wolf and Deer (beautifully designed wood/steel bar with happy hour deals on beer, wine, cheese, and charcuterie; intimate and not too loud)

– Oaxaca Taqueria (teensy hole in the wall taco shop with delicious carnitas – happy hour tacos = $2 a pop)

– Blue Sky Bakery (warm, berry-oozing muffins are fresh every morning and accompanied by a perfect cup of Jo)

– Al di la (cozy, romantic Italian food in a great room with a rustic Italian feel)

This Is Not a Test. This is Rock and Roll.

13 Jul

Let’s just take a minute and acknowledge that this 112 degree weather is doing something beneficial other than reminding me of some of my favorite movie quotes.

The weather out there today is hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon. Tomorrow a chance of continued crappy with a pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically, it’s hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut.  – Adrian Cronauer




The Greatest

1 May

No matter how long I stay in Memphis, I think I’ll never get used to these storms.  Relentless.

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or waterfall could stall me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned deep to dust

– Cat Power

All Ears on Deck: Kelley McRae, Lauris Vidal

19 Apr

We held a house concert for Kelley McRae and Lauris Vidal.  Very cool way to see great musicians – in the intimacy of your own home surrounded by friends and other musicphiles.

Sometimes I feel like an anchor on a boat trying to sail away
And if you could pull me up we could find a better day
Well I swear to you I’m trying to find my way,
But sometimes I feel like an anchor

So tell me, tell me, where do I go?
When I’m homesick for the place that never felt like home.
And tell me, tell me where do I go
When Im lonesome for the arms that left me alone?

– Kelley McRae

Oh, Mama. Can this really be the end? To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again.

11 Apr


The Million Dollar Quartet

9 Apr


If I had an orchard..

7 Apr

If I had an orchard,

I’d work til I’m raw.

If I had an orchard,

I’d work til I’m sore.

– Fleet Foxes