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To Do: NYC #5

27 Jul

#5. Attend a free concert at the Prospect Park bandshell. Or, Better yet, attend one that requires a ticket and just sit outside the fence.

The Head and the Heart post Bierkraft:


To Do: NYC #4

5 Jul

#4. Go to an outdoor movie over the summer at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

What a killer view. And, always a good excuse for a barefooted picnic!


Cilantro Chutney

5 Feb

I recently took a cooking class at Miette Culinary Studio.  Specifically, I learned how to make Indian Street Food.  It was a fabulous class!  Jam and I are having friends over next weekend and I thought I would give my Indian food menu a shot.  So, I am tackling one of the things this weekend to get it out of the way.

Cilantro Chutney

Juice of 3 limes

1 medium red onion (chopped)

1.5 inch fresh ginger root (peeled and chopped coarsely)

2 cups tightly packed fresh cilantro leaves (2 bunches)

6-8 hot green chilis (or 2 jalapenos)

salt to taste

Wash the cilantro well (don’t remove stems).  Blend the onion, lime juice, and ginger into a smooth paste.  Now add the cilantro, green chilis, and salt to the paste and grind further to make the chutney.

(If you don’t add any water, will keep in your fridge for a few months.)

Good with samosas, over grilled chicken or fish, or even on a tomato and cheese sandwich.


To Do: NYC #3

7 Nov

#3. Watch (or better yet, participate in) the ING NYC Marathon.

47,000 people running 26.2 miles. Some setting marathon records.  Some handicapped.  Some dressed up as the Blue Brothers.  Some running for a son with cancer.  Some accompanying their aging father.  All pushing themselves farther than they have probably ever had to push themselves in their lives.  I cannot watch a marathon without crying.  Today I only walked a block to watch the focus, the smiles, the cheers, and the tears of the New York City Marathon.

The leaders (around mile 7).  The last guy in this pic ended up winning and setting a new NYC marathon record.

The long stretch of runners coming from the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn.

More Brooklyn.  And more good vibes.  A future marathoner.

The band that put so many of the smiles on the faces.

To Do: NYC #2

16 Oct

2.  Food Truck Rally (Grand Army Plaza)

It was hard to settle on what to eat after a run through Prospect Park, but we landed on delicious dumplings (I got pork/green onions and Jam got chicken/thai basil).  We got all natural slushes (raspberry/tea and ginger/papaya) and an ice cream sandwich for dessert (potato chip/skor cookie and salted caramel ice cream).  Next I will try: Mexicue and Kimche Taco.

To Do: NYC #1

15 Oct

Must.  Keep.  List.

There is so much to do here.  I’m sure to brain fart it all away when someone comes to visit.  So I shall use the oldest trick in the book and keep a list.

1. Cocktail on the roof of the Met at sundown.