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Sam’s the Name, Snuggle’s the Game

31 Jan


GD & Boo

30 Jan

Sam’s One Month

29 Jan

They say the time flies, but boy oh boy is that ever true.  Aren’t we celebrating Guy’s 1 month?  Wasn’t Sam born last week?  It’s a reminder that this blog is such a feeble attempt to stop the steam train-like passage of time.

For Sammy, this first month might have been a tiny one, but see here the proof of double chins, head control, and little emerging guts full of milk.

Dr. Bess and Nurse Guy to the Rescue

28 Jan

QT with GD

27 Jan

QT with the big kids

25 Jan

Sam’s Fave Spots

22 Jan

Townes schools Beeba on Pokémon and childcare

21 Jan

Sam joins the weekend party.

20 Jan

Just in time for a blood moon.


18 Jan