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The Littles (but not for long)

29 Oct

Pedernales Falls Camping Trip

28 Oct

We ate cupcakes tonight.

23 Oct

Mom: Ooh, I think this baby is going to like cupcakes. He’s kicking!

Townes (rolling his eyes): Mom, that’s ridiculous. Don’t you know it takes you 12 hours to digest your food completely?

Fire Station Parade

22 Oct

I picked this out myself

19 Oct

Slight Slip

16 Oct

Townes: I only want books for my next birthday. I want a set of boxcar children, some books about dragons, and a book with a lock.

Mom: a diary? Like a book you can write in?

Townes: Yep! A diarrhea. Bess, do you want to ask for a diarrhea too?

Organizing Life

15 Oct

We had salmon tonight for dinner.

Townes: where are the fish’s bones?

Bess: it must be an invertebrate.