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Bess and her gal pals

30 Aug

Baby #4 = Boy or Girl?

26 Aug

Stoic Townes

24 Aug

A few nuggets from today’s experience getting 5 stitches:

Joe: “do you remember your name?”

T: “daaaad, I didn’t hit my hippocampus. I still remember everything.”

Joe: “Townes, you get to pick dinner. What do you want?”

T: a hamburger

Joe: Not broccoli!?

T: Yep, actually broccoli.

Joe: ok, so no milkshake?

T: Nope, no milkshake. I need to eat healthy so this will get better.

T: When I need to relax my brain, I sit cross cross applesauce, put my hands on my stomach, look down at my hands or close my eyes, and take deep breaths.

Back to School

21 Aug

Wes Anderson style

Cooking Class Grads

18 Aug

A Boo & GD sighting

13 Aug

More Fishing & Adventuring in Moraine

11 Aug