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Future Architects of America Meeting

26 May

These Days…

24 May

– Guy is saying mama, more (mah), and banana (nana), ball (baw). 

– Bess is asking why. 

– Townes is telling her. 

– Guy charms the pants off anyone with his smile. And he loves. Food. 

– Bess loves dancing, and packing a bag “to go to her purple house,” and doing whatever Bubba (now just “Bubb”) does. 

– Townes is thoughtful and curious. Lots of questions about why God did things the way he did (animals being certain colors, some given shells, some not, why he made the street sweeper green). He has an eye for creating whatever is in his imagination. He just used a box that came in the mail to make an “airplane garage” and has since been filling it with an assortment of airplanes he is designing. 

– Townes and Bess playing together. “Bessie can I play with you?” “Ahhh, uh-huh.” “Yippee!”

– Guy and Bess are in a nonstop war for momma’s lap. When one leaves even if temporarily, the other snatches the spot. They bite and pull hair over it! Until daddy enters and Bessie wraps him around his little finger with her “hold me daddy!”

– kids have a running list of their favorite songs to listen to. Townes sings, Bess and Guy dance. And Guy smiles.

  • I’m going down by Vampire Weekend
  • Ophelia by the Lumineers
  • All about that bass by Megan trainor
  • Shake it off by Taylor Swift
  • Three Birds by Bob Marley 

– Bess’s words are rapidly multiplying. She speaks in complete, elaborate sentences. Not to mention a darling little lisp. “I do it myself.” “I need five more minutes.”

– Everyone loves cheering baby guy up when he is down or just generally making him giggle. 

– As always, wrestling, hugging, kissing, eating, racing, making messes, and snuggling remain at the top of the list. 

It was a family meeting…

24 May

…until someone needed a minute. 

Post Bath Sillies

22 May

Family Bike Ride!

21 May

Vying for the spot on the lap

20 May

Texas State Museum

20 May

Guy said “Rawr” to every animal in there.