Townes Reflects

29 May

On Billy Bragg and Wilco’s “Way over yonder in the minor key, there ain’t nobody who can sing like me…”

Townes: “That’s not nice.”


– at dinner, with music playing in the background Townes sings “take me to your river…” as Leon Bridges comes on. 

– Townes imagines what if we didn’t have a home. I asked if that would be cool or sad. He said sad. Because all we’d have is a phone. And we have to sleep in our car. And when I asked what we could do for people who are in that situation, he responded “we could ask them if they’d like to stay with us.”

– Townes came up behind Bess and hugged her and said “I love you!”

– just before falling asleep, Townes expressed concern to daddy that he forgot to brush his teeth. As daddy said it was ok, we could in the morning, Townes replied “but I ate candy tonight. I really need to.”

– on weaning. “That’s not nice.”

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