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Just an average Wednesday night kid huddle. 

31 May

On being 2goingon3. 

29 May

They smile better for each other than they do for me. 

29 May

Townes Reflects

29 May

On Billy Bragg and Wilco’s “Way over yonder in the minor key, there ain’t nobody who can sing like me…”

Townes: “That’s not nice.”


– at dinner, with music playing in the background Townes sings “take me to your river…” as Leon Bridges comes on. 

– Townes imagines what if we didn’t have a home. I asked if that would be cool or sad. He said sad. Because all we’d have is a phone. And we have to sleep in our car. And when I asked what we could do for people who are in that situation, he responded “we could ask them if they’d like to stay with us.”

– Townes came up behind Bess and hugged her and said “I love you!”

– just before falling asleep, Townes expressed concern to daddy that he forgot to brush his teeth. As daddy said it was ok, we could in the morning, Townes replied “but I ate candy tonight. I really need to.”

– on weaning. “That’s not nice.”

Watching Hail

28 May

Movie Night at the Moores!

27 May

Bike Rides and Splash Pads

27 May

Summer is here, thanks Memorial Day.