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Friday overflow

31 Mar

Bringing school home with us. 

So long spring break!

18 Mar

We are tanned, blonded, dried up, exhausted, and a little more in love with each other. 

After a week’s worth of asking everyone to smile…

17 Mar

…we are getting a little closer. A little. 

A Return to Creature Comforts

17 Mar

After a long week of beans, peanut butter, dust, dirt, shared spaces, sleeping bags, looking out the window, playing rocks, and desert heat, we feast on comfy beds, technology, a candy store, and steak frites!

So long El Cosmico

17 Mar

Tiny Bathroom!

17 Mar

And everyone happens to need daddy at the same time in the smallest room of an already small home. 

Sunset Wind-down

17 Mar

The Hammocks

16 Mar

Marfa Outtakes

16 Mar


Donald Judd’s Untitled Works in Concrete

16 Mar