22 Jan

Today we walked with neighbors, strangers, friends, and family. We walked with widows, mothers, sisters, orphans, young and old. I chose to show up. To be present in a sea of women who demand respect. The road is long. We have a duty and an obligation to support one another. Love our neighbors. Fight and defend one another, particularly the disenfranchised.  Radically share in our neighbors’ turmoil and troubles. 

I want my little girl to experience a world where she is given more dignity and respect than I have, than my grandmothers had. Should she want to, I want her to breastfeed, to work, to lead, to be accepted, to be respected. I want her to see diversity and accept it. I want her diversity to be seen and accepted. I want her to see all people as her equal. And I want others to see her as their equal. 

I come from a long line of strong women. Widows, singles, parents, childless, married, single. Single mother raising 4 girls on a farm in the depression. Substance abuse. Hard times. I am proud of that which is in our blood to make us strong. We are a strong breed. Have always been so. So we fight the good fight. For ourselves, for others. 


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