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Whoever said doctor visits are the pits?

30 Nov

Nine Month Kinda Guy

29 Nov

It was rough, but I got my top gums primed for teething.  Then a big ole honker poked through and now I have three teeth.  I now scream back at my siblings when they frustrate me.  I can also engage in a good amount of dadada babababa and other varieties.  The back of my hairline is lined with tight little ringlet curls.

And I’m still measuring tall – off the charts.  And my head is still 95%ile which is great because momma likes these curls.  And I’ll need more and more to cover this noggin.

Nine Month Sibling Outtakes

29 Nov

Is it love or is it dominance?  Snuggles or torture? Hugs or tackling?

Nine Month Sad Outtakes

29 Nov

I just wanted to hold the sticker, daggumit.

Bess learns to access the cell phone camera. 

28 Nov

Everyone’s gotta eat. 

27 Nov

Decking Our Halls

27 Nov