Eight Months Loved

29 Oct

I have two tiny little rice grains (teeth) right smack dab in the middle of my bottom row.  Not sure if they help when I eat or not, but I can tear through just about anything.  I remain incredibly happy.  I love to be held, I love attention.  And these days I love food.  I love picking up chunks and bringing them up to my mouth.  I love army crawling around on the ground, grabbing for all things, but mostly those things I shouldn’t be grabbing for… things that come with having two older siblings around.

More than anything these days, I am really really really loved…so much so that it was hard to get a picture of me by myself.  I giggle and make others giggle.  I allow my body to be used as a tackle dummy.  I double as a doll baby.  I talk back when people talk to me.  I am the life of this party.

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