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Halloween 2016: Werewolf, Ladybug, Punkin

31 Oct

Halloween: The day of the actual parade

31 Oct

Sounds obvious right?

Guadalupe River State Park

30 Oct

Eight Months Loved

29 Oct

I have two tiny little rice grains (teeth) right smack dab in the middle of my bottom row.  Not sure if they help when I eat or not, but I can tear through just about anything.  I remain incredibly happy.  I love to be held, I love attention.  And these days I love food.  I love picking up chunks and bringing them up to my mouth.  I love army crawling around on the ground, grabbing for all things, but mostly those things I shouldn’t be grabbing for… things that come with having two older siblings around.

More than anything these days, I am really really really loved…so much so that it was hard to get a picture of me by myself.  I giggle and make others giggle.  I allow my body to be used as a tackle dummy.  I double as a doll baby.  I talk back when people talk to me.  I am the life of this party.

Eating Our Way through a Saturday

29 Oct

Bess and Baby Guy’s Halloween Carnival

28 Oct

The time we got all dressed up

28 Oct

And Townes’s parade was on a different day. 

Parent fails

24 Oct

They are stacking up. 

1) mom left town but not without a Costco run. Given the large size of everything, dad proceeds to feed his children an entire half gallon of half and half in 2 days. 

2) Bess wants a snack on the way to school in the stroller. Mom throws her the bag of the last two slices of bread. She reaches in and takes a few bites. Mom eventually noticed the (half eaten) bread was covered in mold. 

3) baby guy is caught nibbling on something. Oh no! Get it out of his mouth! What is it? A dead worm. 

Two Teeth!

24 Oct

The Dallas Punkin Patch

22 Oct