Lucky Seven

29 Sep

Seven months is here and I am practically a grown man.  I sit up like a champ and can get myself down, flat on the ground without a problem.  I can withstand being wrestled.  I am very happy go lucky.  I am great with food, eating a lot and even grabbing things (cheerios! beans!) and stuffing them in my mouth.  I could be entertained by that for hours.  I love watching my siblings – oh how they make me laugh.  And I still love people – I am huge flirt, love eye contact, laugh and smile and get everyone wrapped around my little finger.  I love Mexican food at Julio’s.  I am a snuggler, particularly with my momma.  I have chunky legs that kick and flap.  “They flutter when he’s happy,” says Townes.  Oh, and get a load of my head of blond hair.  It’s coming in.  I’m a Moore.


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