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Me and Julio…

30 Sep

Sometimes we try not to have any fun when daddy has to work late. 

But it’s hard. 

Soccer Shots

30 Sep

Lucky Seven

29 Sep

Seven months is here and I am practically a grown man.  I sit up like a champ and can get myself down, flat on the ground without a problem.  I can withstand being wrestled.  I am very happy go lucky.  I am great with food, eating a lot and even grabbing things (cheerios! beans!) and stuffing them in my mouth.  I could be entertained by that for hours.  I love watching my siblings – oh how they make me laugh.  And I still love people – I am huge flirt, love eye contact, laugh and smile and get everyone wrapped around my little finger.  I love Mexican food at Julio’s.  I am a snuggler, particularly with my momma.  I have chunky legs that kick and flap.  “They flutter when he’s happy,” says Townes.  Oh, and get a load of my head of blond hair.  It’s coming in.  I’m a Moore.


“Trya’ catch me”

29 Sep

It’s a Townes-ism, but it applies here, to Baby Guy, as he wriggles around, overcome my happiness, smiling so big that his head careens backwards and his arms try to balance out the weight shift.

i.e. the happy, blurry picture outtakes.

The Busiest of Days at School

28 Sep

Yellow Rain Jackets

26 Sep

How Deep

26 Sep

And I pray that you, Baby Guy, may have power to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge. 

– Ephesians 3:17-19

Always one of these outtakes. 

26 Sep

It’s Saturday morning. 

25 Sep

Let’s go get doughnuts. Don’t forget your baseball cap. 

Daddy Rulz

23 Sep