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Watched bacon never fries

31 Aug

I made bacon wrapped chicken and squash patties for the big kids and an array of purees for the baby. 

My dinner? Cheerios of course. At 10 pm. 

I hope they are James beard award winning chefs. That or they have James Beard tastebuds. 

How we rolled

31 Aug

Townes: Momma can you carry me? My feet aren’t letting me walk. 

Dear Tuesdays and Thursdays

30 Aug

Oh how I will miss you. The lazy mornings, the stroller walks and runs, the croissants, the splash pads, the pools, the snuggles, the cooking, the slow/fastness, the balance, the time, the juggle, the summer, the presence, the bus, the car, the front porch. I will even miss this. T/Th, I hope to get to know you again soon in another season of life. 

Townes to the doctor

30 Aug

Townes to doc: “When will Baby Guy have big muscles?”

Also, 8 shots, 20 # baby, 5 stickers, 3 tongue depressors, 1 poop, a 3 year old visit, a 6 month old visit, and 3 brave children. 


30 Aug

“Townes is my name but Jofus is my other name.”

Sometimes it helps to sleep in a baseball cap. 

30 Aug

Six Months Down!

29 Aug