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What do you remember about 5 months?

29 Jul

On My Own (Tummy)

29 Jul

Five five five months!

29 Jul

I’m a five monther now.  I started eating food – potato leek soup.  I am so very smiley, so social.  I am a chunk, very solid.  And I like eating so much that I still like to wake up in the middle of the night every now and then to have some special time with momma.  I prefer to sleep on my belly.  And when I’m alone on the floor, I must be on my belly – my flip is almost automatic.  My big brother and sister make me giggle.  I am growing out of clothes way too quick for momma to even keep up.  I am a strong thing – kicking my feet out straight, straining, grunting, and using every muscle in my body.  And I drool

Do we get cuter when we are sick?

29 Jul

Mom seems to think so. 

Birthday Meal Dreams

27 Jul

Momma: Townes, your birthday is coming up. What do you want for a special meal? You can pick anything. 

Townes: ……..

Momma: hamburger? Pizza? Pretzel chicken? Egg tortilla? Tofu?

Townes: TOFU!!!!!!!!! Yay!

Potato Leek Soup

26 Jul

We are starting with the good stuff. 

Scavenger Bess

26 Jul

Scrounging for food. Booty included:

– bar of crisco

– bar of baking chocolate

– packet of ranch dressing

– bag of pecans

The takeaway is that I now like pecans!

Dressed and Ready!

24 Jul

We are crazy. 

23 Jul

Art Installation by Ladybird Lake

21 Jul