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31 Mar


3:1 Mom Fail

30 Mar

glitter while putting #3 to bed. 


School Drop Off

29 Mar


Filling Out & Tummy Time

29 Mar


Showing Guy the Ropes

29 Mar

Teaching me how to burp and fart and kiss and play and giggle and dance and steal momma’s heart.

One Month In

29 Mar

Wow does time fly.  I eat and sleep and coo but meanwhile I am growing and growing.  Lots of expressions, lots of concerns in the little thoughtful thinking lines across my forehead.  My brother and sister love me.  I’m exploding out of my clothes.  I love going on walks in my momma’s pouch.  My hair is so blond, my eyes so blue.  My fingers and toes so long and skinny.  My legs don’t seem to have gained an ounce.  One month of this ain’t too shabby.

Funny Expressions

29 Mar