Archive | January, 2016

Mode of Adbenturing

31 Jan

as we “cope” with these 70 degree january days. 


A little surprise

30 Jan

Tonight I, elizabeth virginia, surprised my parents and peed in the potty. Twice. 

You are welcome for that little glimmer of hope while all other activities under this roof point to increasing amounts of crazy. 

Drive Through Dinner

30 Jan


How We Sit

29 Jan

we like to sit RIGHT beside each other these days. 



28 Jan

“Tonight I need to lay a little closer” said Townes as he maximized the amount of surface area that was touching me, snuggling up close, curled around my big belly. 

It’s exhausting.

24 Jan

all of it. 



18 Jan

picnics, nekkid play time, ducks, and WE FOUND A WORM. 


Baking a Cake

17 Jan


On the mend

15 Jan

It helps when you get to go out to lunch with momma and then your brother feeds you orange slices. 


Tiger Townes

14 Jan

still some wheels to run off when we get home from school.