Archive | December, 2015

A lot more creativity today. 

31 Dec


Gruene Hall

30 Dec

parents went to gruene hall and saw lots of ghosts of townes VZ…but didn’t take me. 


New word

29 Dec

i officially use the word WHY 50 times an hour. 

Preferred Medium

29 Dec

its a debate between water colors and crayons. 


Not sayin there is a favorite gift but…

29 Dec

there IS some attachment.    


My Words

29 Dec

Apart from vigorously shaking my head no, signing all-done and more, and smiling with glee when purple (the drink) is presented, I am communicating verbally too. 



Bubba (brother)

Ish (fish)

Mah (more)

Ush (shoe)

Wawa (water)

Baba (bottle)

Puh-puh (purple or bubble)




Ni-ni (night night)


28 Dec