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27 Sep

These days I’ve been doing a lot of standing and squatting (even trying to launch myself into a jump) but tonight I took 3 steps in a row…more than I ever have…twice. 

And with a huge smile on my face. 

Brother, I’m coming for you. 

Austin, Today

26 Sep

Dear Austin,

We like you more and more. Today, in the morning we hiked, midday we fed ourselves and fish and turtles while we watched boats go by on the lake, and in the afternoon played in the river in a city park while we dug in sand and got wet. ALL WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS. (And we were back home in time to grab a snow cone and watch an afternoon of college football.)

And best part – you can apparently do all these things year round. 

Some people in the world may be apple picking right now, but I’m fine hanging on to summer a little longer. 

Love, t. 


Making Pancakes

26 Sep


Tiny Pizza

25 Sep

Momma still hasn’t figured out that I think of myself as a big man who needs big things…not tiny and especially when it comes to food. We had a small brawl about it and then I changed my strategy to eating ALOT of tiny things. 


Handsome, blue-eyed boy

24 Sep


Seriously he built that all by himself. 

24 Sep


A sleepy boy and a pigtailed girl…

22 Sep

…”ready” to go to school.