Archive | July, 2015

Stuff Came

31 Jul

So now we can wave at our playground from an actual bed. 

Top 3 requested items from newly arrived boxes:

3) boots (?)

2) helmet

1) motorcycle


Townes, what did you do today?

30 Jul

“I missed you.”

Me and This One. 

29 Jul


New Normal

28 Jul

Our first bagel outside of New York was, well, just ok. And we kept playing in water. 


First Breakfast Taco

27 Jul

momma’s favorite austin adventure yet: breakfast taco at a food truck. It was hot. So we had to go jump in the pool afterwards. 


Running through the Sprinklers

26 Jul

so simple yet so satisfying. It’s hot.    


First Tooth

24 Jul

I have one whole tooth!


First Day of Camp

20 Jul


Our neighborhood pool

20 Jul


Our neighborhood biscuit joint

19 Jul