What I’m Saying These Days

8 Jun

i have a lot to say. Some of which includes:

– inch-inch-er = cement mixer

– b’doo = blue

– ay-cons = crayons

– oph-eel = oatmeal

– why-gown = playground

And more importantly, I rattle off entire sentences, thoughts, and responses. 

– momma get clean in shower. 

– momma and townes cook. 

– Nadia go home see Sydney. 

– go see montauk. 

– ride my motorcycle so fast. 

– daddy go to work. 

– don’t want wear shorts. Wear pants. 

– yellow chick hicks went bye bye at playground. 

I’m a little bit particular about a few things:

– I change my shirt when I spill anything on it. 

– I like to sleep in socks (even though I sweat)

– I have learned to operate the Dust Buster so I can clean my own messes 

– Bess is always more of a mess than Brother. 

– I control which toys Bess plays with. 

I wake up with an insane hunger. I am fast on my “motorcycle” (skuut). I pray with my hands together and my eyes crammed shut. I prefer my crane truck pajamas. I know the alphabet and a word for every letter. I am getting fiercely independent and want to do things solo. 

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