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Lucinda Williams :: Prospect Park

28 Jun


Fall in line

26 Jun


Brower Park, we love you. 

24 Jun


Perfecting our million dollar smiles

24 Jun


I’m One – Let’s Celebrate

22 Jun

Pizza for the toothless wonder, helmets to protect us from brothers, a helping hand to open presents, homemade blueberry ice cream and pound cake, and lots of love sent from all across the country.  Happy day to me.

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A happy one year old patio pizza party

22 Jun


A happy one year old morning

22 Jun


12 months

22 Jun

Can’t believe it’s here.  I celebrated 12 months of my life amidst partly packed boxes and banking memories of my home in Brooklyn.  Still no teeth, but a gigantic gummy grin that grows bigger and bigger.  I can now kiss on command.  And I love to kiss momma and daddy.  I like to climb up steps but I have no interest in walking.  My hair is long and floppy and hangs in my face until I get it pulled back in a rubber band.  I giggle.  I eat lots of solid foods.  I love being outside.  I love wrestling with my brother… until I don’t.  And when I don’t, I really don’t.  I like to wave bye-bye by opening and closing my fist.  I love peek a boo.  I am outgoing and interested in people’s attention.  And then they give it to me and I shirk back into my mother’s arms.  And I still love my thumb.

12 months, you are fun.

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Just horsin’ around

21 Jun

and preparing for the rain. 


We are so close. 

20 Jun