11 Months, but who is counting

22 May

Just a bit short of a year and I have started to stand, holding on dearly and unsteadily to the couch as my little knees remained locked to hold me up.  Though not yet sure on my feet, I am the fastest crawler and go wherever my brother goes.  I don’t play with baby toys, but trucks and trains.  And if I scream, it’s only because of that brother taking one of them from me.  I am a SNUGGLER and burrow into my momma’s chest all hours of the day.  Still love my thumb.  No teeth yet.  GREAT rhythm and therefore a great love of music.  With the increasing heat and humidity my hair continues to have a life of its own (which runs in the family).  I can almost tuck it behind my ear but until then, it either hangs in my eyes or sits perched high up on my head in a Pebbles-like ponytail.  I am a good eater but will always prefer bread above all else.  I love veggies but only pureed.  No chunks please.  You can do the work for me.

And, Brother, sometimes I need my space.

IMG_1108 IMG_1110 IMG_1114 IMG_1118 IMG_1082 IMG_1088

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