Long Live Nine Months

23 Mar

No more log rolling — I crawl where I want to go.  My hair is all over the place, finally able to be held in place by a barrette or rubber band.  I scrunch my nose, smile an enormous gummy grin, and light up when you make eye contact with me.  I only want to play with Brother’s toys.  Baby toys are for the birds.  I love gnawing on pizza crust, bagels, and crackers.  I get a little chatty from time to time – mama/dada/baba/lala is pretty much my favorite.  I have sweet little chubby thighs and rosy red cheeks.  I’m pretty drooly and some rice grains are starting to show through my gums, though nothing has broken through.  In the meantime, I’ll stick everything in my mouth possible.  I remain easy as pie.  Except when my brother takes my things…

*Note I fell off the couch midway through my photo shoot – something that happens more often given the ratio of adults to children here.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623 IMG_0625 IMG_0641 IMG_0647 IMG_0662 IMG_0657

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