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My animal kingdom.

26 Feb

I build zoos with my Legos and sleep with the elephant and giraffe.

Unfortunately we also have a mouse. A real one.


New Unna-wear

22 Feb

Every time Baby Bess gets a photo shoot, I am pretty convinced it’s about me.  So here’s what I donned.  I got some new underwear – days of the week and different vehicles on them.  Picking out which ones to wear is single-handedly the best part of my day.

IMG_0520 IMG_0518

Eight Months, Hear me roar.

22 Feb

This is me all dressed up in eight months.  I am sitting up strong, so that means baths with my brother.  And I still log roll everywhere and I mean  I am getting antsy and don’t want to snuggle when there is fun to be had.  But I still love my thumb and I still have thunder thighs (“tum” and “tunder tighs” as Nadia would say).  I am smiling at most strangers who look me in the eye.  When it’s emotional overload, I, without fail, burrow into momma’s chest.  My hair still does it’s own thing each and every single day.  I am “eating up a storm” (again, that’s Nadia) and in addition to all my purreed veggies, I love french fries, bagels, and pizza crust.  My blue eyes sparkle.

IMG_0455 oar!IMG_0459 IMG_0482 IMG_0461 IMG_0476

Daddy’s Help

21 Feb

What would I do without him?

IMG_0440 IMG_0436

Grandaddy’s Eye

15 Feb

We went to the Brooklyn Museum today and this was my favorite piece of art. It looked like grandaddy’s eye on FaceTime. I also really liked the paintings of hip hop artists.



My Valentines

15 Feb

Guest Blogger Momma.

Impossible to resist these guys so I made them a skillet cookie with ice cream for valentines day.

Meanwhile Townes gave his valentine(s) a ride in his sled.



Our Sunday Mornings

15 Feb

“momma coffee”

“daddy coffee”


“orange” (pronounced “uhnj”)