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Sitting around the table.

30 Nov

We are about to just bust up outta this house.


Our Saturday Deal

29 Nov

Lincoln Station on Saturdays. It’s a thing.

Getting Strong

29 Nov

IMG_9388 IMG_9394 IMG_9395 IMG_9402 IMG_9408 IMG_9417 IMG_9438 IMG_9441 IMG_9451 IMG_9471 IMG_9480

Gobble Gobble

28 Nov

We had a great weekend just relaxing and being a family.  Beeba came to town!

IMG_9116 IMG_9121 IMG_9124 IMG_9130 IMG_9133 IMG_9149 IMG_9162 IMG_9177 IMG_9178 IMG_9186

Our Thanksgiving Feast

27 Nov

Equipped with T’s favorite fish cup, Beeba’s pillbox, and B’s head.







5 months, two years, 123 days.

23 Nov

me and my big bro.

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5 Months

23 Nov

Five months – growing up too fast.  No longer a little babbling baby.  I can sit up in a bumbo.  I have a sweet little patch of nappy hair in the back.  I drink a ton of my momma’s milk, so I am learning to eat sweet potatoes and bananas.  All this eating is making me a little butterball turkey.  I take baths with my brother now.  I blow bubbles and make raspberries with my mouth.  My hair has a mind of its own.  I grab everything and (strongly!) insert it into my mouth, including my feet.  I am as sweet as pie and only get sweeter every day.  I smile big smiles. I’m the best sleeper in my house.  And I love. my. thumb.

Folks, I’m almost halfway done with this first year thing.

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I’ll just be over here sleeping…

22 Nov

IMG_7484 IMG_7487 IMG_7527

Secret Pizza Party

21 Nov

That’s the name of our favorite book these days, so tonight, we had a family date and went for pizza.  I stuffed my face.  We love you Barbocino.

IMG_7524 IMG_7521 IMG_7525

When You Are Gone…

18 Nov

…I miss you, Momma.