Recent Behaviors

26 Sep

Today after my bath I was fussing (sure hate getting out of the bath) and all of the sudden I stopped, realized I had to pee, and went over to the potty and peed in it.

Also, I am proficient at saying I love you (“I doooo”).

Also I say “bless you” after someone sneezes.

Also when Bess goes to sleep I fuss if I don’t get to give her a kiss first.

Also whenever (and I mean every single time) my parents hug, I like to go run up to them and wrap my arms around both of their legs with a big tackle noise.

Also no one leaves our home without me accompanying them to the door and waving “bye bye” even when they are long gone out of sight.

I’m a little lover boy these days. And did I mention I pee in the potty even mid-fuss?

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