An Ode

9 Sep

Guest blogger: momma.

Let’s just break from the baby photos for a minute here. When I look back on summer of 2014 I will want to remember the birth of Bess. I will want to remember spending the entire summer with my babies galavanting all over New York City. I will want to remember the messy kitchen, overgrown backyard, diverse Brower Park, the wet playgrounds, the play dates, the beaches, and the family time. But I will also want to remember the food that single-handedly kept me alive and nourished throughout. Thank you, French tomato tarte for making me feel cultured when I was covered in throw up, snot, and/or pee. Thank you for helping me consume butter without having to really know it. Thank you for indulging me with more summer tomatoes than can fit on a BLT. Thank you for being a food you can eat hot, cold, or room temperature. Thank you that I don’t have to share you with my children who find a way to drink my water, eat my meals, and steal my dessert.

Tomato tarte, I hope to see more of you next summer.


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