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Pajama Party!

30 Sep

Guest blogger: Daddy
These two are up past midnight and I’m telling mom.


I facilitated firsts.

29 Sep

Guest Blogger: Daddy

Mom left town for the night so I made sure the kiddos tackled some new skills on my watch.

Bess: reached out and flipped the bears on her own.
Townes: toots on command.

Big day.


Pots and bowls

26 Sep

What’s the deal?



Recent Behaviors

26 Sep

Today after my bath I was fussing (sure hate getting out of the bath) and all of the sudden I stopped, realized I had to pee, and went over to the potty and peed in it.

Also, I am proficient at saying I love you (“I doooo”).

Also I say “bless you” after someone sneezes.

Also when Bess goes to sleep I fuss if I don’t get to give her a kiss first.

Also whenever (and I mean every single time) my parents hug, I like to go run up to them and wrap my arms around both of their legs with a big tackle noise.

Also no one leaves our home without me accompanying them to the door and waving “bye bye” even when they are long gone out of sight.

I’m a little lover boy these days. And did I mention I pee in the potty even mid-fuss?

Three Months

22 Sep

I am three months and that means big changes are upon us – mom goes back to work and I gain just a wee bit more independence.  I’m growing up.  But I took to that bottle instantly so no prob bob.  And swaddle, who needs it?  I am a playful little thing – I love jabbering and smiling gigantic, open-mouthed smiles.  My hair lightens up but is long and thick.  Here in this picture, it dried (on its own) after a bath and curled itself into one tube that lined the middle of me head.  I call it my curlhawk.  When rolling around on my blanket, I teeter on my side, about to turn myself all the way over to my tummy.  I love to sleep even more than I love to talk.  My brother grows more obsessed with me by the day, showering me with kisses, with “Hi Bess”es, sharing his toys with me, wiping bath products on me (even when I’m not in the bath), tidying my blankets, and generally entertaining me when I get upset.  When daddy holds my hand, Townes tries to take it away from him.  He pets me and hugs me and still can’t figure how to pick me up.  My eyes are big and blue (and a bit weepy here – I’m sick for the first time).  And growth spurt, BAM, came and went like a ton of bricks.  So here I am in my 3 month growth spurt glory.

IMG_8750 IMG_8754 IMG_8760 IMG_8768

Cousin time!

21 Sep






From South Georgia to North

20 Sep




Life in a hotel room

19 Sep



In honor of beeba on her birthday…

18 Sep




Hanging with my peeps.

17 Sep