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Eat while the eatin’s good.

29 Jun

Siblings.  The competition for food is sure to intensify, so I should eat while the eating is good.

IMG_5211 IMG_5214

My New Camera

28 Jun

Have I mentioned Grandaddy has some great electronics?  Well, he left one for me — his camera.  So I thought I’d do the family a favor and upload some of the pics he took while he was here.

Momma and Daddy leaving for the hospital.  At this point, we had 5 minute windows in which we could snap a picture of mom before she was angry (?) again.


And next thing I knew, grandaddy and boo were taking me outside to welcome baby bess home!

P1050652 P1050653 P1050655 P1050657 P1050665 P1050681 P1050685

Bess came with balloons!

P1050717 P1050721

I love her feet.

P1050726 P1050727

Bess, my turn with grandaddy.

P1050784 P1050776 P1050802 P1050808

Popsicles in the buff (well, bottom half):

P1050813 P1050814 P1050816

The Sweet Ones

28 Jun

Ok, I’ll be serious.  Here are the fancy pics from Grandaddy and Boo’s trip to see me (Townes).

IMG_8058 IMG_8061 IMG_8064 IMG_8065 IMG_8078 IMG_8081 IMG_8089

My selfies…

28 Jun

I don’t have quite enough hand, head, etc. control, so I asked my mom to take a few selfies for me.

IMG_5191 IMG_5200 IMG_5203 IMG_5206 IMG_5210 IMG_5226 IMG_5216 IMG_5228

Grandaddy’s Computer

28 Jun

Have I mentioned Grandaddy has the coolest electronics?


What’s That?

27 Jun

I was all “what’s that thing on sister’s tummy?” when all of the sudden, I saw a bug.  I am not sure which was cooler.

IMG_5177 IMG_5180 IMG_5184

Being Held

27 Jun

Morning, noon, or night.  I just get to snuggle.

IMG_5157 IMG_5169 IMG_5172