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Big Boy Bed

30 May

Night #1 in my big boy bed that it seems I may outgrow pretty quickly. My parents are in the other room debating what will happen when I wake up in the morning.
1. Cry for milk until someone comes to help me out of this bed.
2. Get myself out of bed, make myself some milk, turn on MSNBC, line up all my trucks, and when it’s time for my parents to wake up, turn on the coffee maker.
3. Get myself out of bed and try to make a beeline out the front door where real trucks await me.
4. Make everyone pancakes.
5. Stick my finger in a socket.
6. Run into my parents room and drag them out of bed to show them all my trucks.
7. All of the above within the first 5 minutes of being awake.
8. Go ahead and potty train myself and register for an SAT prep course. Why stop with just the big boy bed?


Update: Option 6 it is!  Big Boy bed is a hit!


Georgia: Swimming Lessons

29 May

IMG_7914 IMG_7926 IMG_7930 IMG_7928 IMG_7931 IMG_7935 IMG_8011 IMG_8017 IMG_8019 IMG_8033 IMG_8053 IMG_8056

Georgia: Beeba’s Porch

29 May

IMG_7942 IMG_7959 IMG_7965 IMG_7971 IMG_7974IMG_7976 IMG_7984 IMG_7990 IMG_8002

Georgia: Family Photos (Six Years Later)

29 May

IMG_7876 IMG_7874 IMG_7873 photo copyIMG_7879 IMG_7881 IMG_7882 IMG_7883

Georgia: Aunt Tootie

29 May

IMG_7820 IMG_7821 lindseytrampolineIMG_7853 IMG_7851 IMG_7834 IMG_7832

Georgia: Big Joe

29 May

IMG_7768 IMG_7781 IMG_7786

Georgia: Swimming with Cousins

29 May

IMG_7704 IMG_7702 IMG_7708 IMG_7711 IMG_7720 IMG_7730 IMG_7741 IMG_7750