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What’s Been Going On…

30 Jan

Hey Folks,

Sorry for the radio silence. Mom maxed out her gigabytes on this site (she thinks I’m THAT cute) and it has taken her awhile to get some more. In the meantime, I’m busy finding creative ways to play inside given this miserably cold winter. Two words describe the below pics and the month of January: cabin fever. In other news:
– I (finally) say “momma.” I seem to only be able to whine that word so maybe it’s a blessing I’ve waited until now.
– After my first 6 teeth shot out on my birthday, I plateaued for 6 months, only to now have 8 more coming in at the same time.
– I can get myself into my chair for dinner and often do when anyone is merely standing near the stove. No, I am not a beggar.
– I can clean up my toys. Particularly after my bath.
– I am preparing for more independence by reading my bedtime books to myself. I can touch my shoes and socks to my feet and my hat to my head but I can’t quite get those on by myself.
– Speaking of, I can bop my mom (and often my dad) on the belly and say “baby” but what I really mean is “that spot will always be mine right?”
– My favorite foods these days are cauliflower and asparagus. I intentionally picked the ones that make my pee smell the worst.





Braving It

30 Jan

We may have an average high of 20 these days but we get out a little too. PS. Is Nivea cream for boys? Didn’t think so. Someone tell my mom no matter how dry my skin gets I’d prefer not to smell like her grandmother.

Brunch at Rose Water (our favorite):


Music class on Mondays (drums are my favorite):


Weekly Bagel Date with mom before music class (I’m their favorite):


Union Square after MLK brunch at Westville (stroller-less = my favorite):


The Subway home (stroller-less but no freedom to move = not my favorite):


The untouched backyard full of snow. I never thought I’d be over playing in the snow:



I can’t wait to be 12.

5 Jan


Brooklyn Children’s Museum

4 Jan

Had a blast on daddy’s birthday.




My Thinking Chair

4 Jan

Today mom caught me doing nothing more than rocking in a rocking chair for about 10-15 minutes straight. Got myself up there. Had some thinking to do.

Best part was the huge hug I brought to my mom when I was done.


Big Ole Snow

4 Jan

I might have gotten frostbite but I loved it. Rode my jogging stroller like a snowmobile.