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Daddy Duty

28 Aug

Best meal plan yet with Daddy at the helm.

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Boys Only

27 Aug

Bye mom. Have a nice day at work, in the office, away from me and my twin. We are getting doughnuts and being men today.



27 Aug

When I get upset, I get hot. And when I get hot, my hair curls.



26 Aug

Did you know the autocorrect for uwyo is yeti? How many people blog about yetis?

In other news, I hear its going to be a great football season.


All In the Family

26 Aug

Dear Jake and Avery,

Teach me everything you know.

Love, Townes.

PS – My pajama top glows in the dark.



24 Aug

It’s hard to keep up with the number of ways I show my momma affection.

Love, Townes.

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Did I mention there was a water park?

24 Aug

Pier 6. ┬áSee you there every Saturday until I’m 14.

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