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30 Jun

It’s me. ┬áJust hanging by the pool on my vacay, getting some attention from the ladies while I get me a little tan.

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Big Machines

30 Jun

Me and daddy. Watching the big, turbo-driven, machine-like birds.



16 Jun

…the city. I’m back. Where my toy box welcomed me and I bumped into some friends at the swing.




I was babysat.

16 Jun

By guest blogger beeba.

Supper is going great, folks! I like Beebas squash better than moms. Beeba said not to tell but that we had the Betty Crocker cook off for squash. I laughed out loud when beeba got my 3 ounces of milk ready! That made beeba laugh. I miss toots but things are cool here. Townes. PS I like the fan in the living room!

Honestly. What was Beeba thinking? Her skills have declined! I started to cry when she took me into my room to find my PJs! And when I saw that sink with water in it, I tried to tell her that better women than she (shout out for toots) have failed! And where is that duck of my dads that tells the water temperature? Poor Beeba is such a novice! And listen, she barely washed my feet, my dirtiest part! Well together we figured out that I like the porch swing, AWAY from my bed, best of all. Maybe I am a country boy after all! Townes




City Boy goes to North Cackylacky.

15 Jun

Look at this city boy all touching snakes and hiking mountains…

Love Townes.




Mountain Air

14 Jun

Equipped with my Brooklyn cap and dusted off fleece, I slept with my windows open and the ceiling fan on in Highlands, NC.




13 Jun

I have a new buddy who taught me everything about being a year and a half (except what not to touch when at a really hot playground with no shade). Fist bump, Wyatt. Your mom makes the best lunches.

PS. Being flushed turned into a terrible farmers tan. Redneck. I get it now.