Day Off Date

29 Mar

Happy Good Friday.  Mom took the day off and we had a 24 hour date together.  It was great.  We did all the things we sometimes wish we could do every day:

– We (she) did not take a morning shower.

– We (she) joined me and daddy for the breakfast, morning routine, news and all.

– We (she) read a novel (!) during my nap.

– We went to see daddy at work and then took him on a date to our favorite sandwich shop in his work hood.

– We (she) bought a new dress for spring.

– We (she) read more novel took a nap during my nap.

– We went on a run.

– We played in the grass at Prospect Park (see below).  Dirt.  What is that?  Now I know. Fascinating.

– We (she) made a delicious dessert.

– We (she) lounged some more and ordered vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches for dinner.

– We took a bubble bath.

Lady of leisure.  That’s what my momma is.

Love, Townes.

IMG_5151 IMG_5125 IMG_5114 IMG_5170 IMG_5147

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