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He lives!

31 Mar

Here are some outtakes from my first Easter. After church we went to a brunch with a bunch of our friends, some who are expecting. I let them practice with me. We brought avocado and bacon deviled eggs and a chocolate stout cheesecake. We ate delicious pork shoulder, broccoli slaw, quinoa salad, and banana pudding. Really I just rolled around on the ground with a red plastic cup.

Happy Easter. What a holiday to celebrate. He lives!

Love, Townes.





And one more thing…

31 Mar

I watched a little bball.


Me and the Egg

31 Mar




Easter Eggs

30 Mar

Some very special friends came over and brought me eggs with whopper-style choco eggs inside. They were also very pretty. It was a good day.


Day Off Date

29 Mar

Happy Good Friday.  Mom took the day off and we had a 24 hour date together.  It was great.  We did all the things we sometimes wish we could do every day:

– We (she) did not take a morning shower.

– We (she) joined me and daddy for the breakfast, morning routine, news and all.

– We (she) read a novel (!) during my nap.

– We went to see daddy at work and then took him on a date to our favorite sandwich shop in his work hood.

– We (she) bought a new dress for spring.

– We (she) read more novel took a nap during my nap.

– We went on a run.

– We played in the grass at Prospect Park (see below).  Dirt.  What is that?  Now I know. Fascinating.

– We (she) made a delicious dessert.

– We (she) lounged some more and ordered vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches for dinner.

– We took a bubble bath.

Lady of leisure.  That’s what my momma is.

Love, Townes.

IMG_5151 IMG_5125 IMG_5114 IMG_5170 IMG_5147


26 Mar

This series sums me up: a blur of movement while I try to get everything possible in my belly.






Grand Prix

25 Mar

Just me at the little Townes Grand Prix today.  Wore my racing tee.

In other news:

  • It’s snowing.  Again. I think the groundhog thing is a hoax.  Took me all of 7 months to figure that out.
  • I am drooling up a storm.  I know I say it a lot, but these teeth have got to be coming soon.
  • I am also “dadadadadada”ing up a storm.  Probably also tied to my emerging teeth (or my love of my pops).  Mom things the former since dadadada quickly turns into blablablabla which then turns into lalalalala.
  • I am scooting all over the place, mostly through the use of my right leg.  With the slight imbalance, I tend to go in a circle.  Sometimes I get exploring and end up in far corners of the living room.  I am really determined.  really.
  • I ate hummus today for lunch.  yum.  It, unlike the pesto, was intentional.
  • Dad lowered my crib, locked the oven, put a gate at the top of the stairs, covered the little electrical holes in the wall, and put a mommy-proof lock on the cabinet under the sink.  What is this, a bubble?

IMG_5058 IMG_5063 IMG_5073 IMG_5076 IMG_5085 IMG_5089 IMG_5094

My reward for being cute

20 Mar

So it’s been a pretty awesome day. Mom and dad were both home by 5 so we celebrated by going out for BBQ and beer at a local spot with a GREAT mirror.

Guess who doesn’t have to wash any dishes? Me. Three cheers for awesome mirrors and BBQ.

Love Townes.


“I’m Fine”

20 Mar

Hi Mom

Just a midday note to let you know that I’m having a great day. Don’t worry about me. I may have been sad when you left but I’m fine. We’re about to go outside for an adventure.

Love Townes.


Movin’ and Groovin’

19 Mar

About 23 seconds elapsed between these two photos.