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Baby Spiderman

28 Jan

I scaled every wall in our house this weekend after daddy made up a new game called Baby Spiderman.


Quranic Texts

27 Jan

This guy is waaaaay over my head.


Dear Sissy…

26 Jan

One day, I’ll be six.  And when I turn six, you’ll be turning 12.  I’ll never catch up.  But Happy Birthday anyways!  For your birthday, I asked it to snow.  I forgot to ask that it snow in GEORGIA, not here.  Sorry for the mistake, but here is a picture for you on this special day.

I love you.

Love, Townes.


26 Jan

It’s time to play.

Love, Townes.


Hello Out There?

26 Jan

It’s Friday night. Where is everyone? Why aren’t you guys home???



Happy Inauguration/MLK Day!

22 Jan

Play. Sleep. Play. Sleep. Play. Sleep. Play. Sleep.



Five Months

22 Jan

These pics are from January 2 when I turned 5 months old.

Dear Five Months,

What a time we’ve had.  Playing with toys, putting everything in my mouth, dabbling with rice cereal, and rolling over and over and over and over.  I am in. con. trol.

See you next month.

Love, Townes.

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