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The Day I Met Steve Earle

31 Dec

My life may have peaked and I haven’t even reached 5 months yet.

You probably can’t spot me and my mom here but if you look closely you can definitely see Steve’s profile. It’s a good one.

Love, Townes

PS He thought I was cute. And after my mom said “this is Townes” he said “so you have a Townes too…” I beamed.


Another First

30 Dec

I got my first big boy knot on my forehead.


Supervising Play Time

29 Dec


Today we went nuts outside (well, cousins did while I slept in my pouch).  We rolled in the leaves, rode every bike/scooter/three wheeler/four wheeler/hello kitty vespa out there while dunking balls and throwing leaves.  It. was. amazing.

IMG_4415 IMG_4429 IMG_4437 IMG_4448 IMG_4458 IMG_4461 IMG_4481 IMG_4487 IMG_4505 IMG_4516

Tough Boy

29 Dec

Whit taught me how to be tough (and big for my age).

IMG_4519 IMG_4522 IMG_4527

My Grandaddy

28 Dec

We bonded.  Seriously bonded.

Love, Townes.

IMG_4194 IMG_4196 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4203 IMG_4205 IMG_4278 IMG_4366 IMG_4547 IMG_4555 IMG_4557


27 Dec

I babysat all my new friends – aka kept them in line.  Uncle Jeff helped (sacrificed his body).

IMG_1795 IMG_4316 IMG_4318 IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4322


The Whole Fam

27 Dec

Hi Folks.  These people love me.  I officially have 8 additional adults wrapped around my little finger.

Love, T.

IMG_4007 IMG_4002 IMG_4260 IMG_4362 IMG_4364 IMG_1796