Archive | October, 2012

“Sandy IV”

31 Oct

Around the corner TWO gigantic trees fell.


“Sandy III Update”

30 Oct

It’s hard being a philanthropist.


“Sandy III”

30 Oct

I put my work boots and my overalls on and I’m going to go donate some of my hand-me-downs at the shelter down the street. If I pass any fallen trees along the way, I’ll try to help chop them down too.


“Sandy II”

30 Oct

My first impression of natural disasters = pretty awesome.

I’ve been chillin’ with my dad for four days straight now and my mom’s return to the office has been postponed.

Love, Townes.


“Sandy Update”

29 Oct

At this time, we are doing okay. Mostly because I made an emergency kit filled with a weather radio, batteries, non-perishable food, and disposable diapers. I’m also keeping watch over my family (in between naps) and keeping an eye on the news and Mayor Bloomberg. I’ll keep you updated, but for now, I’m on top of this little storm.

Love, Townes.


“Why I Oughta…”

28 Oct

Who you calling’ big?

(in my Brooklyn accent)



“The Macarena, Lionel Richie Videos, and the Word Association Game”

27 Oct

These two taught me only the most critical things.