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“In the Navy”

31 Aug

Today Grandaddy and Boo took me to the Brooklyn Navy Museum and the Brooklyn Art Museum. I got to eat lunch in a coat closet!

Love, Townes.



31 Aug

Today I turned 4 weeks old, though my parents discusses that we should probably celebrate my month birthday on September 2 instead. Nonetheless, I wanted to impress everyone with the fact that I do know what the number one is and how to communicate it. Mom told me to get really comfortable holding up that finger and screaming about being “number 1.”

Love, Townes.


Obvi: Pizza Dough

28 Aug

I’m now on a quest to make an exhaustive list of meals I can make my scouring my pantry or freezer. It’s officially time to get efficient, both with money and time. I want my week’s menu to be easy enough and not require a special trip to the grocery store. So, I continue my “Obvi” series of simple recipes that are easy, basic, and healthy.

Tonight I cleaned the vegetable drawer in my fridge. Fortunately, it’s August and I had some delicious seasonal goods from the farmers market. I bought a big hunk of mozzarella and used pizza dough I had in the freezer. The co-op sells bags of fresh pizza dough, but I will often make my own – cheap, easy, free able.

Although you can top a pizza with anything, I was inspired by Joy the Baker and fresh August produce so topped mine with tomatoes, bacon, corn, jalapeños, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese.

Other ideas:
– sausage, peppers, green leafs
– tomatoes, mozzarella, basil
– spinach, feta, red onions
– pesto, mozzarella, chicken


“Making Friends”

26 Aug

“I Changed My Mind”

24 Aug

Baths are ok.

Love, Townes.

“Awake Time” by Townes

24 Aug

Dear Everyone,

More and more I am enjoying my awake time (other than the food part).  I love staring at things, namely the black and white Alabama Shakes poster in my room.  I also enjoy being on my tummy, but I can’t wait until I can do more.  For now, I will keep kicking my legs backwards, watching my hands zip past (or hit) my face, cooing, sighing, burping, spitting up, and gazing at all the things to explore in this big world.  Boy, do those things wear me out.  I am already ready for another nap.

Love, Townes.

“Not Now, Mom”

24 Aug

Dear Mom,

Please put down the camera and clean all the spit up off my face. I’m laying in it.

Love, Townes.