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To Do: NYC #3

7 Nov

#3. Watch (or better yet, participate in) the ING NYC Marathon.

47,000 people running 26.2 miles. Some setting marathon records.  Some handicapped.  Some dressed up as the Blue Brothers.  Some running for a son with cancer.  Some accompanying their aging father.  All pushing themselves farther than they have probably ever had to push themselves in their lives.  I cannot watch a marathon without crying.  Today I only walked a block to watch the focus, the smiles, the cheers, and the tears of the New York City Marathon.

The leaders (around mile 7).  The last guy in this pic ended up winning and setting a new NYC marathon record.

The long stretch of runners coming from the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn.

More Brooklyn.  And more good vibes.  A future marathoner.

The band that put so many of the smiles on the faces.