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Soup Season

29 Oct

It’s soup season.  Thus far I have tackled chicken chili, cauliflower soup, and now butternut squash soup, taken from the ever-so dependable Joy of Cooking.  With Halloween in the air and snow on the ground, this was the perfect meal.

Step 1: Roast

Step 2: Saute

Step 3: Mix

Step 4: Blend

Step 5: Toast

Step 6: Garnish

Step 7: Serve

“First Frost”

29 Oct


First, we had an earthquake.  Next, we got a hurricane.  Now, we get 2-4 inches of snow in October.  Record setting.  My memory of Halloween is being too hot in my bunny costume to even continue asking for candy.  The fur was just too much.  Not this year.  I think I’ll try to pull out that old costume.



Can’t Slow Down Hurtin’ Cowgirls

23 Oct

1 Avett Brothers concert

2 colds

3 home cities

4 days

5 corn chowders and enchiladas

6 miles of hiking

7(,000) feet high

8 fresh chilis

9(0) minute massages

10 shades of margarita

To Do: NYC #2

16 Oct

2.  Food Truck Rally (Grand Army Plaza)

It was hard to settle on what to eat after a run through Prospect Park, but we landed on delicious dumplings (I got pork/green onions and Jam got chicken/thai basil).  We got all natural slushes (raspberry/tea and ginger/papaya) and an ice cream sandwich for dessert (potato chip/skor cookie and salted caramel ice cream).  Next I will try: Mexicue and Kimche Taco.

To Do: NYC #1

15 Oct

Must.  Keep.  List.

There is so much to do here.  I’m sure to brain fart it all away when someone comes to visit.  So I shall use the oldest trick in the book and keep a list.

1. Cocktail on the roof of the Met at sundown.

Will trade ride for pancake.

15 Oct

Back in High School, I used to pick up one of my friends for school.  Once a month, I’d get there a little early and her mom would serve us Apple Cinnamon Pancakes for breakfast.  I guarantee I ran harder, made better grades on my tests, and was more enjoyable to be around on those days.  I’d go home and try to cook these pancakes for my own family – fruitlessly chopping apples until I was blue in the face.  Alas, I always ended up with fluffy pancakes and a layer of apple chunks along the bottom.  Not the same at all.  One day I asked her what her secret was (I also did this after having some delicious pizza on her house which turned out to be a DiGiorno cheese pizza with her own fresh toppings!).  She said that instead of chopping the apples, to grate them.  And now I share the same secret with you.  You’ll end up with amazingly rich, delicious, and smooth cinnamon apple pancakes for your lazy fall Saturday mornings.

1 cup pancake mix and 1 cup water (or whatever your mix calls for)

2 apples (grated)



powdered sugar

1. Grate the apples.  This is really the only trick to the deliciousness.

2. Mix the pancake mixin’s together, add the grated apple, and stir in some cinnamon.  I like to use Penzey’s Vietnamese Cinnamon.

3.  Spoon some onto the griddle.  Flip when the edges bubble.

4.  When done, serve with the rest of the Saturday morning greats – Irish butter, orange juice, bacon, and strong coffee.  Top the pancakes with powdered sugar.

All Ears on Deck: Friends of Fall

12 Oct

One of our faves, Crooked Still, not only recently came out with a 7 song EP, Friends of Fall, but also came to our neighborhood to play.  The band had more energy than shows we’ve seen in the past and turns out the lead singer now lives in our neighborhood as well.  Best part of the show?  When they did their own version of Paul Simon, my quintessential NYC song-writer.