Obvi: Rice and Beans

12 Jul

Black beans.  Brown rice.  Little black dress.  Only the essentials up in here.

Mondays are made for a) having a beer after the rude awakening that mondays bring, b) shredding your rotisserie chicken, c) turning those black beans you have been storing into a pot of delish herb-infused black beans, d) making some rice to last you the week.  This loving attention to the simplest of foods can and will come back to provide you with the most delicious meals throughout the week.

Pot o’ black beans

Bring pot of beans to boil, then let sit for a few hours.  Then, boil (small boil) for 30 minutes at a time until the bean tastes ready.  I like to add whatever added pop I am feeling at the time – Bay Leaf, garlic, cumin, etc.  Nurse those boiling beans with some TLC as you lust afteR:

– Black bean salad to take to work

– Refried black beans

– Crispy tostada with black beans

– Black bean soup

– Black bean hummus

Pot o’ Rice

Put 1:1 ratio of rice: water in a pot and bring to a boil until rice absorbs all the water.  Add additional boiling water if rice is still hard after it’s absorbed all the water.  And subsequently dream about:

– Fried rice with bok choy (or whatever veggie you have on hand)

– Rice pudding

– Rice mixed with herbs and veggies

– Burritos – you name the ingredient.

– Red beans and rice

4 Responses to “Obvi: Rice and Beans”

  1. Ena February 7, 2012 at 12:51 am #

    Cool! E

    • Ena February 7, 2012 at 12:53 am #

      But I don’t think the 1-1 ratio is enough water… In a pot on the stove OR in a rice cooker. I use 2 water and 1 rice and have never been disappointed…


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    […] always have fresh black beans and rice on […]

  2. Jane v. Giada « brooklynatelier - February 5, 2012

    […] call her Jane) spent all day yesterday waking up early to beat the crowd at the co-op, making a pot of black beans for the week and a cilantro chutney for a dinner a week away, and creating a list of foods […]

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