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All Ears on Desk: Beale Street Music Festival

30 Apr

Memphis in May – Beale Street Music Festival.  Dodging tornadoes and floods to hear Manchester Orchestra, Cage the Elephant, MGMT, The New Pornographers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mumford and Sons (pictured), Lucinda Williams, Ludacris, Amos Lee, The Avett Brothers, and Wilco.

All Ears on Deck: Kelley McRae, Lauris Vidal

19 Apr

We held a house concert for Kelley McRae and Lauris Vidal.  Very cool way to see great musicians – in the intimacy of your own home surrounded by friends and other musicphiles.

Sometimes I feel like an anchor on a boat trying to sail away
And if you could pull me up we could find a better day
Well I swear to you I’m trying to find my way,
But sometimes I feel like an anchor

So tell me, tell me, where do I go?
When I’m homesick for the place that never felt like home.
And tell me, tell me where do I go
When Im lonesome for the arms that left me alone?

– Kelley McRae

Oh, Mama. Can this really be the end? To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again.

11 Apr


The Million Dollar Quartet

9 Apr


If I had an orchard..

7 Apr

If I had an orchard,

I’d work til I’m raw.

If I had an orchard,

I’d work til I’m sore.

– Fleet Foxes

Dear Jam

3 Apr

Dear Jam,

I have become a little anchorless since you left yesterday.  Upon returning home, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, so after making my frittata (with my window mint), I took “A Year in Provence” and my crazy creek down to Tom Lee Park to enjoy the beautiful weather.  When I got down there, I was greeted by one of the biggest barges I have seen yet on the Mississippi and more kite flyers than than I have ever seen all in one place.  The wind was incredibly strong.  I immediately saw two kites snap off their string and glide into the Mississippi River.  It felt a bit like that strong wind spell we had at the beach last summer.

I plopped down and began reading about Peter Mayle’s attempts to renovate his provencial home.  Dreams of our upcoming trip, teamed with dreams of Provence, teamed with dreams of renovating a country home, teamed with my recent conversation with Cindy had my mind eager with daydreams.  They were all lined up, waiting to be thought through, planned, assessed for their possibility, and nourished.  So I went about thinking through each one of them, fitting each one into a specific day in our future, while returning to hear about Mayle’s trip to the butcher or his first heavy snowfall in Provence.  As you can imagine, the steady pulsing of my thoughts was quite cathartic.  Not only was the sun shining and the wind blowing, but my spirits were lifted as I sifted through all my new ideas.  I felt like I was at the beach – typically the sole place my mind is able to wander so erratically.  But no, I was just a walk away from our waterfront property, in a park filled with an eclectic, diverse bunch of Memphians, reading a book and getting tanned, realizing that I was amidst something I had once daydreamed.

Wish you were here.

Tilling the Soil

2 Apr

This weekend I planted some seeds in my box #19 (“18”) at the community garden.  It felt so good to be out in the new springtime sun with no distractions (tv, radio, internet, even jam) to dig around in the dirt.  There were alot of overgrown weeds in my box so I had to completely pull it all up, add some organically fertilized soil (that stuff stinks) and mix all the dirt up.  Then, I planted the seeds, scattered some, poked holes for some, and made hills for others.  Then I gave them a good watering (fortunately I had lots of old water bottles in my car since the hose was locked up).

It’s amazing that so much patient tilling, pruning, and watering happens without a promise of the fruit or the blossom.  Reminded me of the impatient frustration in life when you’d prefer to snap your fingers for the outcome, but the best (and richest) outcomes more often come with patience.  We are refined in a slow and steady manner like the little seeds that grow into seedlings that grow into stalks that grow into leaves that grow into fruit.  In an instant, you wouldn’t notice the change, but overtime, we are evolving into our best, most fruitful selves.  So for now, we till the Memphis soil.

Cross your fingers for the basil, chives, lavender, oregano, jalapenos, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, spinach, and lettuce.  And come on rain!