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Down by the Riverside

11 Feb

I’m gonna lay down my burden, down by the riverside,
Down by the riverside, down by the riverside
I’m gonna lay down my burden, down by the riverside,
I’m gonna study war no more

Tom Lee park overlooking the Mississippi River and the bridge to Arkansas

Just a short walk down from our home.

Sun setting after a day of falling snow

Footbridge from Tom Lee Park to South Bluffs

Jam and the footbridge

Room with a View

11 Feb

I love windows, especially those with good views.  Like a flower titling into the sun’s rays, I am quick to position myself in the direction of whatever changing view can be seen from my wall-sized windows overlooking the understated southeast region of downtown Memphis.  I woke up to an amazing sunrise and returned home to quite a different view.

No Signs of Oil

6 Feb

Brand New Colony

6 Feb

I’ll be the grapes fermented,
Bottled and served with the table set in my finest suit
Like a perfect gentlemen
I’ll be the fire escape that’s bolted to the ancient brick
Where you will sit and contemplate your day

I’ll be the waterwings that save you if you start drowning
In an open tab when your judgment’s on the brink
I’ll be the phonograph that plays your favorite
Albums back as you’re lying there drifting off to sleep…
I’ll be the platform shoes and undo what heredity’s done to you…
You won’t have to strain to look into my eyes
I’ll be your winter coat buttoned and zipped straight to the throat
With the collar up so you won’t catch a cold

I want to take you far from the cynics in this town
And kiss you on the mouth
We’ll cut our bodies free from the tethers of this scene,
Start a brand new colony
Where everything will change,
We’ll give ourselves new names (identities erased)
The sun will heat the grounds
Under our bare feet in this brand new colony
Everything will change, oOo oOo…

– Postal Service